City Island

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by parramore on October 4, 2000

A lot of New Yorkers don't even know about this fascinating little community. If you're looking for a break from the city on a Saturday afternoon, you couldn't pick a nicer spot. City Island is located at the edge of NYC just beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Long Island Sound. It feels like you're in New England walking around here--lots of quaint houses and shingled roofs. Rich with nautical history, you'll find a great selection of seafood restaurants on the island, some of which have great views of the water. Lots of funky little curio and antique shops dot the island, featuring prices that beat the heck out of Manhattan.

To get to City Island by subway, take the 6 train to the last stop, Pelham Bay Park, then switch to a City bus. The trip is surprising painless.

City Island
Long Island Sound
Bronx, New York, 10464
+1 718 829 4111

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