Blue Water Grill

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by chewie on June 25, 2000

It was one of those rainy summer evenings. We arrived at Blue Water Grill, soaked and a little embarrassed about looking so disheveled (late for our reservation). But the hostess smiled and let us catch our breath before directing us to the downstairs Jazz Room. As we walked down the stairs and entered the dimly-lit room, we were greeted by another host who led us to our table, facing the jazz trio. When you make your reservation at Blue Water Grill, you can request to be seated in either the Main Room (the main floor dining room for quieter, power lunches and business meetings) or the Jazz Room (a more casual, romantic setting to enjoy an evening meal). For starters, we tried the lobster bisque soup which was deliciously creamy and the spider roll which was freshly prepared. The restaurant serves fresh seafood and they even have a selection of sushi you can choose from. For the main course, the seared, porcini-crusted tuna was very good. Not the best seared tuna I''ve tasted, but still fresh and tasty. But the Chilean Sea Bass over rich risotto was delicious and melted in your mouth. If you're like me and you have room for desert no matter what, order the warm chocolate cake. It will satisfy your chocolate craving for a while. Crusty on the ouside, but warm and melty on the inside, the cake also comes with a little side of cream that you pour in the middle. A decadent way to end an almost healthy dinner. Jazz, seafood, and warm chocolate cake on a rainy summer night. What more could you ask for?
Blue Water Grill
31 Union Square West
New York, New York, 10003
+1 212 675 9500

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