Durgin Park

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by misterbretty on April 16, 2006

A dinner for four with appetizers cost me $90 last week on a recent trip to Boston. This was not an unreasonable amount of money for a nice dinner, but this was anything but nice.

I had their "famous" prime rib, which maybe is famous for its absolute lack of flavor. It was so horrible that I left 75% of it on the plate. My wife had fish-and-chips, which my wife said tasted like batter and chips. And the worst part, the batter was "blah," completely without flavor. The baked beans were bland at best.

My mom joined us and had shrimp, which was mediocre, but at least wasn't horrible, like my prime rib. And my daughter opted for spaghetti, which tasted like little more that tomato sauce.

This place was bland at its best, and downright horrible at its worst. Given the cost, you'd be better off saving a few bucks and eating at one of the vendors in nearby Quincy Market. Literally, the meal was so bad and we ate so little that we all grabbed some dessert in Quincy Market because we were still hungry.

Seriously, we had them wrap up our generous leftovers (mostly because it was so horrible) and gave it to a homeless person on the walk back to our waterfront hotel.

Durgin Park is a horrible place to eat. It survives on its quaint reputation for rude waitresses (which was funny, because the only thing pleasant about our meal was our nice waitress) and lots of food. Their portions are huge but, unfortunately, largely inedible. We travel extensively and eat out all the time. We love quaint restaurants with their own oddities and also enjoy fine dining at high-end restaurants. We're not that picky! But this restaurant was by far the worst place we have eaten in our 10 years of marriage.
340 Faneuil Hall
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
+1 617 227 2038


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