Boudin Bakery

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by kustom57 on March 11, 2006

If you have never had San Franciscan sourdough bread, there is nowhere better to experience it than at the Boudin Bakery. They serve everything from sandwiches, to clam chowder in bread bowls. The prices are reasonable, and the food is great. They have an indoor dining area, and one outside. I would recommend sitting outside during the summer and taking a seat indoors during the winter. The Boudin Bakery is world famous for its' sourdough bread. They claim to have made the first sourdough in the city. An interesting fact is that a little bit of the starter dough from every batch has some of the original starter dough in it. They make a batch and then pull a bit off and put it in the freezer, then the next batch has this bit put in its' starter, and so on. Thus, every sourdough has its roots that date back to the beginning. On the outside of the restaurant, you can watch as the master breadmakers knead out and sculpt the sourdough. Enjoy the bread!
Boudin at Fisherman's Wharf
160 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, California, 94133
(415) 928-1849

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