Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Andrew on February 4, 2006

Several people had recommended the Pancake Bakery to me before my trip. Instead, I went to this place. By accident, mind you: how many specialty pancake houses can one city have, I thought? At least two, it turns out. I didn't learn of my mistake until I got back, but no matter. This place was interesting to visit and featured some mighty delicious pancakes.

Finding the place was a bit tricky. It is hidden away on the second floor of a narrow building and marked by an unassuming sign that is easily missed. Yet, it seemed to have it own special magnetism: twice I stopped, just to get my bearings, only to see the sign for the pancake house right in front of me. If fate was that determined to feed me some tasty pancakes, I was not going to fight it.

After climbing the narrow and absurdly steep staircase to the second floor, we came to a small room with maybe three tables, dozens of teapots hanging from the ceiling, and a working cuckoo clock on the wall. (I was very excited to actually see the cuckoo come out and chirp the half-hour just before we left.) The whole operation seemed to be run by one guy (that might explain why it opens at noon, and only for a few hours each day).

The menu featured pancakes filled with a lot of things you don't normally find in a pancake--bacon, for instance, or eggplant. I made a conservative, but delicious, choice: a pancake with pears, eggnog, and chocolate. I was sorry that I didn't have an extra day, or a bigger stomach, so I could sample some of the other options.

This place is just not to be missed. Go now before it's replaced by an IHOP.
Pannenkoekenhuis-Upstairs Pancake House
Grimburgwal 2
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 626 56 03

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