Pancho's Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by heathriel on January 21, 2006

Pancho's Restaurant and Tequila Bar is a local jewel. Slightly off the main drag, it is a covered restaurant with some outside tables. All are partitioned from the sidewalk, however, and the only people who will bother you during dinner are the musicians who sometimes wander through the restaurant.

Pancho's menu is mainly grilled items, and their hibachi-type grill is on the floor of the restaurant so you can see your food as it is cooking. (Other items are prepared in the back.)

Their specialty is seafood, with shrimp and lobster taking over most of the menu. If you've been out fishing that day, they'll even prepare your fish for you, any way you want, for 80 pesos.

In addition to the standard Mexican items, they also have "straight" ribs, chicken, and carne asada (beef steak marinaded in beer and tequila), but if you're in the mood for those, I'd go somewhere else.

Traveling as I do with such a large group, I get to see firsthand the varied items on the menu. One of the family favories at Pancho's is the Coconut Shrimp, which comes as four tiger prawns split and flattened, covered in thin flakes of coconut, and served with a sweet sauce.

My personal favorite is the tortilla soup, which is so large that even a cup requires some serious committment. It comes with less tortilla than one would expect, and almost no cheese, but the "kick" isn't as high as some other versions of the soup in Cabo, so it's fine.

For entrees, hands down, the best is the lobster and shrimp combination with garlic butter sauce. I'm a fan of the huachinango, which is a whole red snapper in the same sauce, but some people are put off by having their dinner looking back at them.

For the traditional Mexican fare, their mole sauce is wonderful, and anything that you can pour that on top of is great. My sister is a fan of their Chiles Rellenos, and I like their Seafood Burrito (with shrimp and other fish.)

The best caramel flan to be had in all of Cabo is at Pancho's; don't miss it. It isn't anything spectacular, but that's the point: it's perfect. It's done absolutely how flan is supposed to be, every time.

For those who like tequila, Pancho's is your place as well. They have a menu of tequilas that has over 500 listings, ranging from the dirt-cheap jar sitting on their bar to a 2500-peso glass. Ordering from this menu is an experience, and their waiters are very helpful in determining what tequilas will go best with which courses.

As everything is prepared fresh, you can add as little or as much spice as you want. Everyone speaks English here, so you can change things around if you need to.

In all, the prices are reasonable, and the menu is varied enough to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.
Hildago St
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 114 3 0973

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