"Rattle and Hum" Without U2

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on January 19, 2006

The Esplanade in Cairns is where most of the restaurants and shops are, and on our last night there, a few of us walked a little further than we did previously, and decided to have dinner at a rowdy little place called Rattle and Hum. Additionally, some Quantas flight attendants staying at our hotel recommended it, because they's said they'd heard it was the hippest spot in town.

While it doesn’t look very big from the outside, it stretches back a long ways. There is indoor seating – more of a pub/pool hall feel, and outdoor seating. (Note, Smokers are allowed to puff in the outdoor seating if you’re on the street side, but not if you’re on the sidewalk side.) Despite the smokers next to us, we wanted to spend our last night in Cairns eating outdoors.

Take a seat, have someone hold the table, and then go inside toward the back and place your order for food at the order counter. Drink orders have to be placed at the bar. The menu is posted on the side of the building, and is also located on tables. I was pretty surprised to find fried chicken as an option on the menu, as I didn’t end up seeing much chicken on menus in Australia. I ordered the chicken and mash (mashed potatoes) with a drink called a Toblerone (a chocolaty concoction.) The fried chicken was VERY good, and served with a red-wine gravy. The mashed potatoes could’ve used some salt, but there was a shaker on the table, so all was well. The drink was good, but left me thirsty.

My total came to $35. I kept getting told I shouldn’t tip, or if I did, just to round up. Regardless, I still felt weird not leaving anything, so my general rule was 10%.

The Quantas girls were right, this was good food, a good atmosphere, and plenty of people watching to be had on the Esplanade.
Rattle and Hum
67 Esplanade
Cairns, Australia
+61 (07) 40313011


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