Mango Jam - Drink Your Dessert

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Carmen on January 19, 2006

Located on the Esplanade in Cairns, Mangos is a small café that features normal café fare, with their claim to fame being the “original drinkable desert.” Easily found by its large orange sign, the tables are conveniently located under an awning so rain or shine you can enjoy your food.

While the promoted item was the wood-fired pizza, I had a burger and chips (fries), which was edible, but dill was sprinkled on top, and dill isn’t my favorite flavor. It wasn’t a bad burger, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. My special order (no lettuce, tomato, sauce) confused them enough to forget my fries. In my defense, there was only one waitress working, so she had her hands full.

Desert, however, was the best part of the meal. The “original drinkable dessert” is essentially a choice of flavors of drinks made with flavored liquors and ice cream. I had the Bananas in Pyjamas, and my dinner companion had a Strawberries and Cream. They spent more time on the drinks than they did on the dinner! What fancy concoctions! The straws were affixed to the OUTSIDE of the glass (using condensation I’m guessing), and the presentation of the drinks themselves were very detailed. It was almost a shame to drink them, they were so pretty. But one sip of my drink, and there was no doubt that I’d be drinking it. It tasted a lot like a creamy banana milkshake, and it was gone way too soon. (Web site lists ingredients, Banana liqueur, Cadbury's liqueur, Coruba Rum and cream blended with fresh banana and vanilla ice cream). It’s a good thing it was tasty, because it cost me $13. The whole meal was about $30 each.

We had another smaller dinner companion as well. A small brown salamander, which I am assuming had suction cups on his feet or something of the sort, crawled out onto the underside of the ceiling to catch his buzzing dinner while we enjoyed ours. He was very interesting to watch, and didn’t at all affect the enjoyment of my own food.

If for no other reason, stop in for a drinkable desert after a long day on the reef or sightseeing. When we got back, we told our entire tour about our fun night of dining there.
Mango Jam
24 Macrossan Street
Cairns, Australia
4099 4611

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