Mondo Café – Kick Back and Get Tropical

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Carmen on January 19, 2006

Mondo is the restaurant that can be found just underneath the Hilton. Featuring outdoor seating with a tropical setting – palm trees and tiki torches with breathtaking views of the mountains in the distance and Trinity Bay in the foreground.

“Mondo,” which means “world” takes its menu not only from the local fresh seafood, but also on dishes from around the world. I was dining with two fellow tour members, and two of us went Mexican with fajitas, and the other went with the local grilled barramundi and chips. Of course, we sampled each other’s food, and all of us agreed that the fish was very tasty (probably caught right outside the restaurant) and that the fajitas were well done. I’m a special order girl (sauce on the side, etc.) and they accommodated all my requests with no complaints and no extra waits.

First, find yourself a table (a challenge at night, and the later you wait, the more crowded it gets) and get someone to sit there and hold it while the rest of you head to the bar to place your orders. Get your order number and take it back to the table so your friend can go order. It was only about a 10 minute wait to have the food delivered to your table.

With the fajitas, a side (baked potato), and a strawberry daiquiri, my total came to about $40. The drink alone was $12. So it’s not a cheap meal (but then, none of the meals in Australia were cheap. I would schedule about $60 day for food and water). But, it was a tasty meal, and it’s got one heck of a view (however, since you’re sitting outside, you’re screwed if it rains. Also, wear your bug spray.) It’s also convenient for Hilton guests.
Mondo Café
34 Esplanade
Cairns, Australia
+61 (07) 4052 6780

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