Three Dives

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Aya on March 28, 2006

We waited more than an hour for our food, but we didn't care in the end because it was so good! We all ordered jerk chicken (you can choose to have half or a quarter of a chicken), but they also had lobster and curried goat, chicken, fish, etc. The jerk chicken was so tender and it was by far the best one I had in Jamaica. It was so flavorful and the spices were blended right into the chicken meat. I ordered a quarter, and it came with callaloo and rice and peas (beans). And the toilet was surprisingly clean...

There was a bonfire by the cliff, which definitely made it a romantic setting. The place itself looks quite shabby, but I didn't find it dirty or anything. A lot of people were eating there, and no one seemed to mind the wait.

3 Dives
Norman Maney Boulevard
Negril, Jamaica

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