Cinderella's Royal Table

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ZeppoX on March 25, 2006

Got a girl-child? Then you got to go. Suck it up and prepare to drop $100 minimum for lunch (for 3). The dinner costs more, and has a kind of rushed feeling about it, and unless you call 6 months in advance you ain’t gettin’ into the breakfast with the Princesses. Soon, the same may be true of the lunch. In ’05, all you had was Cinderella in the lobby at lunch time, but they changed it sometime since January 2005. In ’06 it was a full-blown character meal called "Fairytale Lunch," with the entire collection of Princesses and a Fairy Godmother. In ’06 they also introduced a photo package.

They make darned sure your little princess gets a nice photo with Cindy, and they bring a set of prints to your table – $30, cheap. That’s how it gets from the usual $25 to $35 per person, to $100 or more. Unlike most character meals, this one is not a prix-fixe or a buffet. You order from a menu. Ask the server’s opinion, discuss it with him/her. It’s all good, and Disney is so organized that they are not pushing anything that’s overstocked. They sincerely try to help you. However, please do not get steak here unless you are so cantankerous you won't eat anything else. They change the menu often, but look for things you might not make at home such as beef wellington or a well-dressed tuna steak. If they have a pasta dish, pay attention to it becuse they do that well. Also, listen to the specials; if they sound good, then they usually are. As with any high-end Disney restaurant, be sure to get a salad with their house dressing.

Cinderella's Royal Table at Cinderella Castle
Magic Kingdom
Orlando, Florida, 32830
(407) 824-4321

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