Walk-in Seating at Cinderella's Royal Table

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rickhowe on March 20, 2006

We were at the Magic Kingdom at opening, ran up to Space Mountain to get a Fast Pass, RODE without a Fast Pass, and then went into Stitch's Great Escape (fun, but not as good as Alien Encounter). Then we used our Fast Pass on Space Mountain. Got pictures with Pluto, and generally felt good about the morning.

Then my wife said "let's get some breakfast," so we wandered back over to the castle area, and then around back (on the Fantasyland side) to the entrance for Cinderella's Royal Table. It was just before 11am, and I asked at the check-in desk if there were possibly any walk-up tables available. The gal there said, check back at 11:15, "We might have something."

We went into Sir Mickey's for a few minutes, and I walked back over to the check-in desk about 5-minutes later (impatient person that I am). They checked their table list and said "are you ready to go now?" I grabbed my family (all five of us), and they seated us at about 11:15.

They apparently stop serving breakfast at 11:45am, and by 11am or so the various missed reservations start catching up, and there are empty tables. While we had breakfast WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS there were about 10 empty tables.

So I suggest to go to the Magic Kingdom early in your visit and give it a try. If it doesn't work, try again on another day.

And please don't hesitate to drop me a line with your own observations about this journal/review. I like to see if my advice has value. Email me at rickhowe@aol.com.
Cinderella's Royal Table at Cinderella Castle
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