Boston Lobster Feast

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by donnywi on January 1, 2006

Boston Lobster Feast is one of the all-you-can-eat seafood restaurants. The menu includes lobster, snow crab legs, grill chicken, sushi, salmon, mahimahi, salad, and desserts. I don't remember seeing a big selection of desserts, but I hope you don't come to this place for the dessert, since this place is kind of pricey.

The regular price is about $32/person, but if you come before 6pm, you get $5 off per person. I believe they open at 4pm. The main course is the lobster, and they only have steamed lobster. To ensure that everybody in there gets their share of lobster, the restaurant limits one lobster per person per trip.

Our waitress was nice--she kept cleaning our tables of the lobster shells. The restaurant was clean too and had a good atmosphere.
Boston Lobster Feast I-Drive
8731 International Drive
Orlando, Florida, 32809
(407) 248-8606

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