Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rlouisa on February 19, 2006

After a long, not so fun, trip to Cancun this year, the only thing we had to look forward to was Lorenzillios.

When we go down to Cancun we look for one thing to eat and that is seafood. Lorenzillios is a 5 star restaurant filling this category in Cancun. Even though we go to a 5 star all inclusive hotel, we try to make it to this restaurant at least twice while we are down there.

Personally, I always have their fresh lobster, which is a little different than the Maine lobster. It doesn't have the extra claws up front, but the preparation by the chefs at this restaurant is just plain awesome. The best way to have their lobster is grilled. The two times we went on our recent trip, both times I had a 2.5 pound lobster, and the price for this is around $65. Even though that price sounds steep, the food and the service is wonderful, and definitely worth it.

The servers are great and wait on your every whim. Whether it is a drink, extra bread, or a light for your favorite tobacco, they are there to please you, and fulfill your stay.

The first evening we were there we had calamari for an appetizer, with a shrimp pasta, and lobster for the main course, it was all very good. While the calamari wasn't the best I have had, it was good. The pasta with the fresh shrimp, and the lobster which are caught off of La Isla Mujeres was very good. I would definitely recommend it. However, this restaurant is not for individuals looking for a cheap dinner. The total cost for this night was around $138.

The second night we went we were very tired and just wanted some food, and to relax. We passed on the appetizer, and went with my fresh lobster and huge shrimp. The shrimp were just plain huge, I have never seen any this big. They were delicious and very filling. I again had a lobster with the meal, and again, it being grilled was delicious. Service was top notch, as it should be at this price point. With drinks and food, the tab came to around $119 this evening.

I know that they have cheaper meals, and that they might be just as good, but I love their specialty of lobster. If you are looking for a great night of food and relaxation, then this is your place to go. Talk to your concierge and have them make reservations for you, as it can be very busy some evenings. BON APPETITE!!!
Blvd. Kukulkán
Cancun, Mexico


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