Hungry Lion

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by ext212 on September 15, 2005

The most celebrated restaurant on West End Road is Hungry Lion, an alfresco dining spot a walk away from Rockhouse Hotel. The hotel staff even recommends it as their favorite place to dine if they do not eat at their restaurant.

Menus change daily, depending on what's offered in the market, and that's why the offerings are minimal. The crab backs were delicious--crab meat with a jig of citrus served in their shells. They had quesadillas on the menu the night we visited, and they were stuffed with black beans, served with salsa and the Jamaican tomato and onion jambalaya sauce.

Hungry Lion is a cool spot for those who want to get away from the live reggae and Rastafarian music. There is a gallery downstairs that exhibits the works of Negril's diverse artists for diners to peruse while waiting to be served.
The Hungry Lion
West End Road
Negril, Jamaica

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