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Our second day in Negril, we mustered the strength to leave the Rockhouse Hotel and walk to the lighthouse at the end of the West End cliffs. Cabs constantly honked their horns to take us there because the Jamaicans couldn't believe we were walking so much under the striking sun.

On our way back from the lighthouse, we stopped by the LTU Pub and Restaurant to have lunch. Our order took longer than we expected, but when we were finally served, the food tasted like it was all made from scratch. The fish sandwich was moist and perfectly tender. The fries that came with it were hot and crisp. My chicken skewers were tasty. I took the liberty in pouring the jerk sauce all over my rice and the simple lettuce and tomato salad that came with it.

We were told that the LTU Pub is happenin' at night, but at noon, it was serene and quiet. We enjoyed our alone time with Red Stripe beers under their thatched roof, looking out over the turquoise sea.
Norman Maney Boulevard
Negril, Jamaica

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