Rockhouse Restaurant

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ext212 on September 15, 2005

Rockhouse also runs a restaurant and a café next to their hotel. Their menu is very simple while celebrating the essence of Jamaican cuisine. For a Saturday night dinner, we called a few hours ahead of time to book a table for two at 8:30pm. When we showed up, we were directed to our table by the outdoor balcony right away. Some couples had to wait at the bar and we assumed it was because they didn't call to make reservations.

We like our food but are not as easily impressed with anything fried. Still, we enjoyed the conch fritter starter and especially loved the jambalaya, a Cajun-Creolan version of paella, or a stew of mixed seafood meats with tomatoes and onions. The portions are more than enough for one person.

The bar overflows with whatever fruit punch you may wish, as long as you like rum with it. We kept with the Red Stripe, the Jamaican local beer, during one of our visits but brought our own bottle of Lascaux for dinner for a very steep US$15 corkage fee. (Our How about five Jamaican dollars, mon? was rejected.)

During a morning visit, we were allowed to bring our iced coffees (coffee liquer, natch) to one of the reclining chairs set up by the water under the restaurant. It was a nice 10am view, and we swam up to the cave soon after.
Rockhouse Restaurant
Rockhouse Hotel
Negril, Jamaica

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