Member Rating 4 out of 5 by LA guy on September 10, 2005

We ate at this restaurant before attending a concert that was to perform at Mandalay Bay that night. We decieded to eat here, because from the outside, it exuberated an unique atmosphere that tempted us to give it a try--that and the menu looks pretty good.

Once we stepped in, we were amazed just how extravagantly this place has been designed. In the center is the grand "bar table", which divides the restaurnat into two halves, left and right. Each half is then divided in to three (front, mid, and back) sections by two giant sheet of glasses that ran from the top of the elevated ceiling to the rectangle pools that housed their footing. The glasses were illumintated from inside and with the sheet of water running down both sides, the effect was a shimmering, green glow that radiates throughout the restaurant. Very interesting.

Finally, our server came. As we studied the menu closer, we found that it is generally that of America Cuisine, with the typical pastas, sandwhiches, and the usual entrees (roasted chicken, Mongolian beef). However, what is different was presentation. Each plate is carefully prepared and arranged, that dishes looked more like pieces of art than a plate of food. I ordered a "fancy" rosemary chicken and found the preparation to be of high quality.

Then, as our concert ended, we walked past the restaurant again and was surprised to find that after 10pm or so, this restaurant is turned into a club. We happened to come by when there was a live show going on. And even from outside of the entrance, we could see female dancers dancing on platforms that are suspended halfway in the air, dancing to the high energy and the laser light show of the movement. We didn't have the energy to wait in line to get in again, but if you have the time, definitely eat/club here.

3450 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118
+1 877 632 5300

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