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Durgin-Park...established before you were born

...that’s how the signs read, and there are photographs all over the walls of this pub to prove that fact. Whilst the origins of Durgin-Park go way back to the revolutionary days, the fame founders who created the all-American-style food took over 150 years ago, and to this day people flock here to try the legendary chowder, johnny cakes, and Indian puddings.

We didn't really know of the history on entering, as we were just hungry and wandering the Fenuil Hall area and thought this looked to have a nice pub atmosphere.

We ate in the bar area on rickets benches that formed the booths. There were plenty of beers to choose from. Karl took the Sam Adams and I opted for a pale summer ale. The atmosphere was very pub-like and very similar to any pub back in England, with a slight stale-beer smell and dingy walls. I know this might not sound to pleasant, but if you are a fan of pubs and beer, you will know that it's quite a comforting feel!!

We wanted to try a few smaller items that Durgin Park is more famous for, so Karl had the clam chowder whilst I had the fish chowder. Both were $5 and both were great, though I have to say the clam chowder was better. We also had a side of Boston baked beans because, well, we were in Boston and just had to.

To finish up a pleasant lunch we shared the famed Indian pudding, which was heavy, sweet, and delicious. It was also $5 and made from molasses, brown sugar, and cornmeal, mixed into a stick concoction that tasted oh sooo good.

340 Faneuil Hall
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
+1 617 227 2038


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