El Turko

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by xine on August 15, 2005

El Turko serves traditional Turkish dishes as well as a few Italian entrees. The restaurant is cozy, but is nicely decorated and has a nice atmosphere.

I had a traditional Turkish chicken dish that was delicious. The chicken was tender and full of flavor. The entree was accompanied with Turkish rice and mixed vegetables. Very filling and very tasty.

My husband had the penne arrabiata. It was unliked other penne arrabiatas either of us had tasted before, but was still spicy and had a little kick to it. My husband was pleased with it.

To end our meal, we each had a cafe con leche and split a piece of baklava. The cafe con leche was quite good. The baklava was very syrupy and small, but satisfied our sweet tooths. Not the best baklava we've had, but it was good enough.

For such a tasty meal, the damage done was only 40 soles (~$12) for both of us, including two entrees, two drinks, two coffees and one baklava. We would go back in a heartbeat if we are ever in Arequipa.

San Francisco 315
Lima, Peru


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