Paris Buffet

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Saphira on November 8, 2005

People procure all sorts of fantasies when thinking of their upcoming vacations: the amusement rides they will go on, the mountains they will hike through, or the pool in which they will lazily float the day away in. I mostly fantasize about the food I will eat, and there is nothing more thrilling then when the real thing is everything you dreamed it could be. What better place to make your culinary fantasies come true than in Paris.

I had read a lot of differing opinions on the Paris buffet. Some said it was fantastic; some said it was average at best. What I came away with was that if you have had real French cuisine, you will not like it. If you are a French cuisine virgin, you will be swept away. Being a French food virgin, I decided to explore my curiosity at the Paris buffet.

The decor is meant to make you feel like you are eating in a French country village, although you feel more like you are eating somewhere in Disney World. I must admit that I can’t exactly recall everything that I ate. Alas, my heart’s passion was for dessert. I do remember trying duck for the first time and liking it. The selection of creamy delectable cheeses was a mouse’s dream come true. Everything I tried was tasty, but my heart longed for a freshly made crepe. Finally, when I had had my fill of rich sauces and tender cuts of beef, I lined up for one of the best parts of my Vegas eating adventure. I ordered an apple cinnamon crepe, which was prepared artistically right before my eyes. The experience of seeing your food actually prepared before your eyes is definitely exciting culinary foreplay. I floated back to my table, where a fresh cup of coffee was waiting for me, and finally I took my first fork full of warm cinnamon apples wrapped in a lighter than air crepe. I then took a sip of the most wonderful coffee, coffee that was smooth and brewed to perfection and the perfect complement to my sweet warm apples.

I’m not sure if the food at the Paris buffet is real French cuisine or not; all I know is that it made all of my food fantasies come true. It was $53.54 for two for the dinner buffet and was well worth the price. It was our only fancy buffet of the week, and I’m glad we chose it. The crepe experience is not one I will soon forget.

Le Village Buffet
Paris Las Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 946-7000

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