Sandals Negril Kimonos

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by DebbieH103 on August 6, 2005

We were seated with six people from New York – four were together. There was another couple, too. Most were honeymooners. We had a fun time, but it was not as good of a meal as Benihana (where I ate yesterday with five friends).

For appetizers, they offered a couple of sushi plates, spring rolls, or some chicken dish. We ordered the spring rolls. They came with a hot chili sauce. It was two small pieces and it was not that Oriental.

We had a miso soup. This was brown in color and was very good. Our salad had the ginger dressing and was greens with tomatoes. For the entrée, they cooked shrimp, scallops, beef, marlin, and chicken.

Our cook was Omar. He sang throughout the whole meal. At first, he sang Bob Marley songs and then '60s tunes. It was fun at first but became annoying because nobody could talk at all. This was his whole show vs. the knife bit that some do. Also, he offered us extra, but then, when we tried to get any of the extra he had cooked, he would not give it. I only ate the beef and scallops, so a few bites would have been welcome, and Todd wanted some too. Oh, well, we had enough.

After dinner, they seated us in another area and brought out a dessert cart. I nibbled on some nut tart, while Todd nibbled on cake.

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