Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Xugx on July 23, 2005

Buffet restaurant. $12.09 after tax.

With the line as long as it was, I expected some good eating, but found myself disappointed by the quality. I tried a little bit of everything. The turkey breast was moist, but did not have the distinctive turkey taste you would find on Thanksgiving day. The oriental choices looked delicious, but with the addition of undercooked and crunchy rice, it was almost inedible. Delicious rolls and biscuits were stacked high. The taco/fajita fixings were the highlight. As with most buffets, I did not give more than a passing glance to the salads and fruit bars. The dessert row was very bountiful, with all sorts of cake, pie, cheesecake, cookies, and soft-serve ice cream.

Pharoah's Pheast Buffet
Luxor Hotel - 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119
(702) 262-4102

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