Member Rating 5 out of 5 by zakknudson@hotmail.com on July 22, 2005

I was wondering about this restaurant for a long times with the mixed reviews. Some liked it and some hated it for the cost and/or food. I got the chance to dine here when I was visiting Vegas. It was wonderful. It is worth the price. It is located in Via Bellagio. You take a separated escalator down to the restaurant and go to the left.

When we walked in there, the maitre’d was standing there. She immediately said, "Mr. Knudson, your table for two is ready." I was impressed. She pulled out our chairs for us and put our napkins on our lap. Then our waiter delivered the menus, gave us a complimentary small course, and welcomed us too Picasso. You can choose between a four- or five-course menu. One is $90 and one is $100 a person, but they are very much worth the price. There was also a wine steward (not that the wines are very expensive). We chose what we wanted, with great service from the waiter.

The ambience was very nice. It was dark and had very high ceilings with expensive 10-foot paintings on the wall, huge pillars, flowers, and windows with draperies looking over the water show.

The first course came (we each shared each other’s meals to try different ones). I tried the poached oyster with caviar and the lobster salad, with very good presentation. They would always provide silverware. They gave two types of bread (raisin and white with fancy butter). For the second course, I had scallops and ragout. THE SCALLOPS HAD VERY GOOD PRESENTATION. For the third course, I had foi gras, also in a good presentation. For the entrée, I had the pigeon. It was surprisingly very good with the sauce he poured on it. The dessert was very rich and filling. The cake I had was rich and the ice cream was smooth (best I have ever had). This ice cream was 80% real ice cream, opposed to the normal 17% ice cream. You are stuffed after that.

They then bring you the bill with chocolates and pastries. I was stuffed. The waiter was very friendly. He even took our picture. It was flawless service. It is definitely worth your time.

3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109


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