La Habichuela

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Cancun Charlie on May 14, 2005

La Habichuela (the string bean) has been at this same location since the early years of Cancun's beginnings as little more than a tiny fishing village. La Habichuela is a little off of the beaten path but well worth the effort! It is best to take a taxi for your first visit here. It is only about 4 blocks from Tulum Avenue, but it is much easier and probably safer to take a taxi.

The food here is excellent, and it offers some of the best shrimp and seafood in Cancun, which is saying a lot! The Mexican dishes are also very good. Try a Caesar salad prepared from scratch tableside. Dining is outside in a garden, with a few additional tables inside. The service is nothing short of absolutely superb. A Mexican beer called Superior is available here, and it is probably the best beer I have ever had, bar none! If you like beer, be nice to yourself and try it.

Two things to remember: If you want beef, try somewhere else, since it is not really what they are known for (beef tends to be tough here). Also, unless you REALLY like curry, don't order their signature dish of shrimp and curry in a coconut sauce. By the time I finished it, I was babbling in Punjabi.

We ALWAYS reserve an evening for La Habichuela. Don't miss it!

La Habichuela
Margaritas 25
Cancun, Mexico
01 998 884 3158

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