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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by fallschirmhosen on April 27, 2005

Before getting to Peru, several people had told me to try Peruvian pizza, and I had read about Chez Maggy's in my guidebook. So on day two in Cusco, I headed over to Procuradores (which is a street, but looks and feels more like an alley) and walked into Chez Maggy's for dinner. Sitting down, I immediately noticed I was the only one there. The waitress, after showing me to a table, immediately left the restaurant to hang out in the street/alley.

When she did come back, I ordered my pizza and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Needless to say, the service was slow. Finally, I saw one of the guys working in the kitchen come in off the street with a pizza. I thought, "Is that my pizza?" Sure enough, it was. They must have cooked it elsewhere, and then brought it here. Why they didn't cook the pizza here was beyond me. The waitress came in off the street, brought me my pizza, and then went back outside.

The pizza itself was excellent. It had a thin, crispy crust. Aside from cheese, they add some herbs to it to give it a little pizzazz. I ordered a simple cheese pizza, but they had a large variety to choose from: Hawaiian pizza, meat lovers, and anything else you might expect to see in the States. Besides pizza, they also offer a variety of calzones and pasta dishes.

My experience only got worse when it came time to pay. I had ordered a cheese pizza for 11 soles and a lemonade for 2.50 soles, but they billed me 15.50 soles. I asked to see the menu, but they told me it was an old menu (with old prices). I didn't believe them and felt they were trying to take advantage of a solo tourist, so I left 15.50 and gave no tip. The service was not the greatest anyway.

Overall, the prices are cheap. A personal pizza, like mine, will only cost about $4. Drinks are $1 to $2. Then again, that is what I saw on the menu, which might differ from your actual bill.
Chezz Maggi La Antigua
Procuradores 365
Cusco, Peru
+51 84 23 4861

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