Artemis Garden Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by GB from Devizes on June 30, 2005

Artemis Garden Restaurant was recommended to us by some fellow Brits who’d already had the pleasure of dining there a couple of times. Seafood is their speciality, and as both Caz and I are great aficionados of fish, we decided to visit them for our evening meal.

Artemis, like most of the restaurants in Pefkos, is situated on the main road through to Lardos, about halfway between the crossroads and the Eclipse Bar. Again, it is alfresco and lavishly decorated with bougainvilleas, hibiscus, and geraniums, all winding their ways around a large gazebo that covers part of the dining area.

The waiters were quick and courteous, and menus were forthcomimg when we’d hardly taken our seats. We decided to share a starter consisting of a Greek salad and local green olives. Both were delicious, but we elected to leave the remainder in the centre of the table to pick at rather than fill up prior to the main courses.

Caz plumped for the black sea bream, which was served whole and cooked just enough to make the fish light and easy to remove from the bone. A dish was provided for the inedible parts, as was a finger bowl and lemon. This was, of course, soon brought to the attention of the house cats, who formed a rather disorderly queue in eager anticipation of any bits of fish that might inadvertently fall to the ground.

I opted for the pork souvlaki, having had fish the previous evening, and it was well cooked enough to literally fall off the skewer with minimum of effort. All this was washed down with a litre of their house dry red.

Caz enjoyed every mouthful of her bream, much to the chagrin of the assembled cats, who were expecting a hearty feast. We relaxed and finished our wine, after which two ouzos appeared without charge as a final digestive.

The bill at Artemis came to a very reasonable 29 euros (£20/$38), and we knew we would be back before the fortnight was up.

Artemis Garden Restaurant
Main Road to Lardos
Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece

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