Café Rouge-Kortrijk

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by zabelle on April 19, 2005

There is something about stopping for a cup of warm tea on a cold winter’s afternoon that leaves an indelible impression on your psyche. I can still remember the wonderful ambiance of this delightful café. Everything is bright, crisp and modern. This is not your soft pastel cafe; this is black, white and red used to the best advantage.

Everything is beautifully presented. The tea comes slices of cake and chocolates. The teacups had strainers for the loose tea and covers to keep the tea warm.

We were immediately enchanted. Around us were groups of all different ages, seniors, families with children, romantic young couples and even a romantic mature couple. Everyone was smiling and enjoying their food. We decided that tea just wasn’t going to be enough. Since it was a cold January day, we opted for soup and fondue.

While we were waiting, they brought us a bowl of flavored potato chips, which were enough to whet our appetites. The fondue here is solid nuggets of deep fried cheese that ooze their golden treasure when you cut them served with salad on the side. The soups that Sunday were traditional onion and a variation on tomato soup. Both were delicious and beautifully presented. We devoured the bread basket with it’s warn nutty textured slices.

We never expected to have dessert, but when we saw the selection, our resolve collapsed. Joe had the creme brulee, which was a very traditional presentation with a crisp crust and velvety custard and was possibly the best we have ever tasted (and all of us did have a taste). I had a waffle dusted with powdered sugar. Al had a ball of strawberry ice cream smothered in fresh strawberries,

which he passed to me turning my very delicious waffle into something extraordinary. These desserts were heavenly. Finishing off with more tea (you pay for refills), we felt able to face the cold again and finish our touring.

Service was friendly and efficient. We never felt either rushed or neglected.

The restaurant is located in a historic building facing the side of St. Martens Church. The name is written high on the building and there was a food board outside.

Cafe Rouge
Sint-Maartenskerkhof, 6A
Kortrijk, Belgium, 8500
+32 (56) 25 86 03

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