Cabbages & Condoms

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by captain kait on July 20, 2005

Thailand is a very beautiful country, the "land of smiles", but it has many problems that sit beneath the surface. Drug trading, child prostitution, economic downturn, and political corruption are very real to the Thai people, but what they try so hard to conceal it from tourists who are sheltered in cozy resorts on its south coastline. What I liked best about this restaurant was not that the proceeds go to a worthy cause, but simply that it raises awareness in a silent society.

The white-linen tablecloth restaurant was gorgeous when we visited. We sat outside on in a tree-lined grove lit by candles and Christmas lights. Waterfalls and flowers added to the illusion of being tucked away from the city. The menu at Cabbages and Condoms offered specialties as well as quintessential Thai dishes of high quality. The fruity drinks and desserts we tried we especially good. Even though much of the menu is available from street vendors for a fraction of the cost, the proceeds from the restaurant go to educate those same Thais about AIDS and other STDs, sexual activity, birth control and other subjects that have been taboo for so long.

After a satisfying meal, we stopped in a the giftshop, which was an adventure enough in itself. The proprieters offer a wide selection of what you might call "specialty" gifts - bouquets of condoms, mugs, t-shirts, and books about condoms, and free handouts of condoms (which come with the meal instead of after dinner mints). If this would be considered a theme restaurant, it was very tactfully done, a unique but quality experience.

Cabbages and Condoms
6 Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok, Thailand, 10110
+66 02 229 4611

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