Café Bazar

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by becks on March 27, 2005

Of the four coffee shops we visited in Salzburg, I liked Café Bazar the most. It is located on the right bank of the Salzach close to the Staatsbrücke making crossing over to the Old Town and Mozart’s Birth House easy. On a sunny day, its large veranda would have offered fantastic views of the Salzburg Baroque skyline and the castle, but on this misty, late-October morning inside seating was the only available option. Its close proximity to the theater has apparently made it popular with theater-goers and actors, while the more famous Café Tomeselli has been the favorite of musicians in centuries past. Previous Café Bazaar patrons included Marlene Dietrich and Louis Armstrong.

Upon entering, we found most patrons to be men in suits seemingly enjoying a coffee and the newspaper en route to the office. One man got up in undue haste as we sat down at the table across from his. He, of course, did not know that toddler becks has been a regular in coffee shops since age two weeks and knows how to behave, or that baby becks, with admittedly only six months of café experience, would go one better and simply doze off after having had his morning porridge. He simply may have been in a genuine hurry. The waitress, however, made us feel welcome and simply oozed the charm and friendly hospitality that Austrians are famous for. The charming interior of this café has all the style and richness of a Viennese establishment.

Café Bazar serves breakfast from 7:30am to around 11am. Three basic options are available but á la carte is also available. We opted for Bazar II – coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, a selection of bread rolls, marmalades, hams, and cheeses. It was a huge spread and good value at €8.10 per person. It is unfortunate for the waitress that toddler becks does not carry the wallet or determine the size of the tip. Even to the casual observer, the reactions must be obvious of a three-year-old upon receiving her own plate from the waitress from the start of the meal rather than her father’s saucer or having to wait for a requested third plate.

I would love to return to Café Bazar, especially during summer, when the veranda should be open. In addition, the daily changing lunch menus looked like excellent-value bistro-style food at between €6 and €8.

CAFÉ BAZAR Schwarzstrasse 3 5020 Salzburg Telefon: +43/ 662/ 87 42 78
Café Bazar
Schwarzstrasse 3
Salzburg, Austria
+43/ 662/ 87 42 78

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