Mon Ami Gabi

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by noushi on May 7, 2005

Sip fine French wine and savor crepes, quiches, steak frites and salad Nicoise, pommes dauphinoise, bouillabaisse, or fruits de mer on a street-level patio while viewing the sights against a beautiful lake backdrop. No! This is not the bank of the Seine River in France, but rather Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Resort, Las Vegas, on the fabulous Strip.

When we went, it wasn't too busy, so no reservations were needed. We decided to sit outside and dine on the popular terrace, an exceptional outdoor "sidewalk" dining experience with unobstructed views of "Strip" action and dancing waters of Lake Bellagio.

Their heaters were not working, so it was quite chilly, but the food was so exceptional and not expensive, and the service was so friendly (very surprising for a French restaurant) that it made up for it.

The cuisine is simple yet outstanding French comfort food featuring favorites as Bouillabaisse; steak frites, prepared in various ways; and pomme frites, crispy, wide strands of fried potatoes. Classics as onglet (flavorful hangar steak) and house specialties as crepes and quiches are also served in authentic versions. Plats saisonniers (seasonal specialties) include paillard (grilled) chicken breast, roast duck, and navarin (stew) of lamb. Exceptional plats du jour (daily specials) are also available. All meals are served with warm whole loaves of crusty French baguettes presented in paper bags, whipped butter, and special accompaniments, such as slightly sweetened julienne of carrots. And don’t miss the outstanding dessert crepes.

This was one of the most reasonably priced restaurants offering excellent food on the Strip. For starters, we both had the house salade, which comprised of bacon, cheese, frise salade, and a great dressing ($8). For the main course, we both had the house steak with fries and herb butter ($21). The food was so tasty and the portions huge. We were too full for dessert, but they looked great.

I really recommend this place. It really was an outstanding dining experience.

Mon Ami Gabi
Paris Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89019
(702) 944-4224

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