N9NE steakhouse

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by britgirl7 on April 27, 2005

N9NE steakhouse is inside the Palms Hotel and Casino, which is actually one of the newer and trendier places to stay. The Palms is the casino in which the Real World Las Vegas cast stayed. It's also home to the Ghost Bar and Rain Nightclub (see other entries for these). It's set off the Strip and involves a not-so-safe walk along a highway or a $4 taxi ride.

The restaurant is open from 5-11pm. It’s not cheap, but then, for the setting and atmosphere, it’s not horrendously expensive either. In fact, if you are arriving from England with all your high-value pounds right now, well, it will almost seem a bargain. N9NE is a fantastic place for a special occasion, and as it was my 30th birthday, it was okay to splurge a little.

N9NE is primarily a steakhouse, but the choices on the menu were very extensive. Not being a steak eater, I opted for the ahi tuna, which was seared to perfection, just how I like. Other non-steak choices included chicken, salmon, scallops, and pasta. They also have caviar and a variety of crustaceans.

My husband did go for the Porterhouse and said it was amazing. We live in Dallas, so good steak is not rare for us; therefore, I know it was good.

They have all the usual liquors and cocktails, beers, and wine that you would expect in a restaurant like this. When we went, it was still fairly new, so you had to have reservations, but that might have changed now. The decor is super-modern, with two giant waterfalls as you enter and all neon and blue glass. The crowd is very trendy, pretty, and young, unlike many steakhouses. Opposite us was a very attractive businessman with two ladies who were all over him. I think he had bought them as well as the food!! Vegas... baby... Vegas!!

N9NE Steakhouse
The Palms
Las Vegas, Nevada


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