Pirates House

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by zabelle on February 21, 2005

Located one block from the Savannah River on the site of the original Trustees Garden, The Pirates’ House offers the opportunity to dine in a truly historic location. The Herb House inside the Pirates House is thought to be the oldest house in Georgia. It was the home of the gardener of the Trustees Garden. The garden failed, but the peaches that were grown there were spread throughout the state, and the rest is indeed history.

The Old Pirates House opened as a seamen’s inn in 1753. Here you could meet both honest sailors and bloodthirsty pirates. More than one hapless local found himself shanghaied and on a ship for the Orient. As you can imagine, this has led to rumors of hauntings and strange happenings at the Pirates House. Maybe it’s Captain Flint, who it is said died in one of the upstairs bedrooms trying to tell us where he buried his treasure.

We, however, didn’t see any unusual happenings; what we saw was a delicious luncheon buffet, for which we had a $2 discount coupon.

That brought the price down to $11, which was a steal. We got to choose from green beans, squash casserole, Savannah rice, roasted potatoes, burgundy tips, fried tilapia, fried chicken with an optional honey-pecan sauce, barbeque ribs, and lima beans with bacon. There is also a salad bar, which we totally missed. They deliver a board to your table with the most delicious corn bread I have ever tasted on it.

The quality of the food was amazing for a buffet. I fell in love with the honey-pecan sauce for the chicken, and the lima beans were fabulous, as was the squash casserole. We could not drink our drinks as fast as our waitress kept filling our glasses. She was amazing and always had a smile to offer us.

Just when you think you are going to explode, it's time to check out the dessert bar.

There was strawberry shortcake, pecan pie, and cake with a sauce. I tried the pecan pie and the strawberry shortcake. I know I have been trying for weeks since we got back to get that weight off, but it so delicious, I hardly have any regrets.

This is one buffet I highly recommend. The food is good and the place just oozes atmosphere. It is slightly dark and there is a lot of wood, and of course, a nautical theme decor. It is no surprise that it is considered a must-do when you visit Savannah.

Pirates' House Restaurant
20 E Broad St.
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 233-5757


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