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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by zabelle on February 21, 2005

Looking for pizza in Savannah? Look no farther than the City Market. I wish I could say that I discovered Vinny's, but just trying to get a seat there on a Saturday night assured me that I wasn’t the only one who had heard about them. Originally, I heard about them because I read that they delivered. That would be pretty cool, I thought, having pizza delivered to the bed-and-breakfast inn. It would have been, since their deliveryman rides a bike, but we decided to try to eat at the restaurant after church on Saturday evening. Yeah right, by the time we had paid our $7 to park and walk to the restaurant, there was an hour and a half wait for a seat. And this was at 6pm. Okay, we thought, there have to be other places close by. Bedford's is right across the City Market, and if we hadn’t minded paying $30 for an entrée, we would have gone there, but we were being budget-conscious.

. We walked back over and asked the person taking reservations if we could do take out. Sure, just go in and get in line. So that is what we did. Things move along very quickly inside, and we learned a couple of things as we waited. In Savannah, you can order beer to go, you just can’t drink it from the bottle. Okay, so we will pour it into the glass they provide.

The hard part is trying to figure out what to order. I’m sure most people in line were not first-timers. I quickly asked for everyone’s preference and then ordered. Three slices of pizza, a Greek salad,

two beers, and a coke (Joe doesn't drink beer). The total was just around $20. They gave us a number, attached our order to a clothespin, and sent it flying across the room. We took our drinks and went outside to wait the 15 minutes it would take to put our order together.

Time passed quickly as we sipped our drinks while sitting on the cement wall in the park across the street. Before we knew it, we were noshing on some really good pizza

that came in the most immense slices. It was an Italian picnic of sorts. Now the crowd around us was varied, and we were approached for money by some street people. It is really hard to refuse money for food when you are stuffing your face full of pizza.

This was a very interesting experience, and with the unseasonable warm weather, it made for a great evening outdoors. I really hope to come back here and try this place again, but it was just as busy when we walked by in the afternoon, so I think a weekday might be a better choice.

Vinnie Van Go Go's
317 West Bryan St
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 233-6394

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