Member Rating 2 out of 5 by MichaelJM on April 19, 2005

The small entrance to Delaney’s could be easily missed, and the narrow entrance off Peking Road leads you down a few stairs to the "basement" diner. It’s a classic Irish-American diner, and as such, provided food you’d expect in either of those countries. No need to book here; just grab a menu, seek out a table, and when ready to order, attract the eye of one of the servers.

We were there at lunchtime, so it may be a bit different at night. Certainly if there’s a big sporting event on, the place, according to my son, is heaving and will remain open until the televised broadcast is over. On those occasions, you’ll need to be there prompt to get a decent seat to view one of the big-screen TVs.

Delayney’s carries a good selection of Irish beers (including Guiness and Killeney), continental lagers – not a local brew in sight – and some reasonably tasty malts. But it was lunchtime and we had some serious sightseeing to do, so we ordered colas all round! The drinks here aren’t cheap, but perhaps we’d forgotten the price of beer and soft drinks back in the UK.

The menu boasted that a mixed platter would satisfy the appetite of four people or "stuff" an individual. A snack was all that we required, so a single platter was what we ordered. No rush here, but I guess they like you to linger and drink more beer (it is primarily a drinking establishment). When it finally arrived, there was plenty: lamb kebabs, chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, chops, salad, dips, and freshly cut and cooked potato crisps. There was certainly ample for us, and I’d defy anyone to eat a whole portion by themselves.

Like many an Irish-American diner, the place was cluttered with regalia and the walls lined with photographs of great singers and famous individuals. Gentle jazz music was piped through the speakers, and as our staff progressed, the hubbub of the increasing number of diners began to overpower the music. A small group gathered around one of the TV’s, and we presumed some important event was soon to be broadcast – time to make our exit and brave the streets of Kowloon.

However, the job of paying the bill was not easy, as Delayney’s is clearly not renowned for its attentive servers. It was very difficult to attract their attention, and I was about to pace the floor when our server appeared. The bill soon arrived, but then there was the long wait for our change. Now I remember why I prefer to eat in restaurants rather than "diners" or pubs.

Overall, we were well satisfied with our food, although generally the choice is fairly limited, but the service lacked lustre and the servers seemed to be a little short of interest in their clientele.

It was somewhat pricey for what it was!

18 Luard Road
Hong Kong
+852 2804 2880

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