Member Rating 2 out of 5 by CoupleTravels on April 4, 2005

We went in a little before 5pm hoping to miss the dinner rush, which we did. The first thing that struck me was that sodas were expensive, and for every drink you only got one refill. That put me off and we got water, although we had to add some lemon, as the water wasn't that tasty.

Our waitress was not attentive and didn't stop by to see how our meal was. When she brought our meals, we asked for ketchup and had to flag her down about 10 minutes later to get it. We had read good reviews about dessert on this site, and when we asked to see a dessert menu, there was none. We were told we would have to go upfront (where it had become very crowded) to see them. Well, nothing was labeled and the woman behind the counter didn't seem all that interested in answering our question of, "What is that?" We decided on a peanut-butter pie, which was good, and the piece was larger than usual, but I don't know if that justified that $6 price.

The food was okay, but not worth the money we paid. I'd have to compare it to Olive Garden, a little bit more in terms of price, a little less in terms of food and not as good. Overall, I thought the place was overpriced and not as good as other reviews led me to believe.

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