Hard Rock Cafe - London

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by vampirefan on March 29, 2005

On our first night we headed over to the Hard Rock. I am a huge fan of the Hard Rock and always go whenever there is one in town. In this case, we had taken a very long nap and didn’t feel like venturing too far. Thankfully, the restaurant was right around the corner from our hotel and the front desk rang ahead, so we were able to get right on in the front door. This Hard Rock happens to be the original Hard Rock and has been winning fans since 1971. They even still have their original waitress, Rita, in the house. But she only is there at certain times and just happened to be out of the house on our visit.

Now, while no one has ever accused The Hard Rock of having the best food around, it is quite tasty and a welcome relief when visiting outside the States. I went with the old standby of the original burger. This is one pretty thick and very tasty patty. It comes served with a very large order of fries. John went with the club sandwich, which comes with homemade mayo, ham, bacon, and two types of lettuce and is served with coleslaw and fries. We very rarely make it though a meal with room left for dessert, so we split one. We gobbled up their Down Home Apple Cobber. It’s definitely a must-try. The cobbler is toped with walnuts, caramel, and oh-so-divine ice cream (made just for the Hard Rock) and topped off with just a dash of cinnamon sugar. What a way to end the night.

While waiting for your meal, everyone enjoys checking out the walls chock-full of rock-and-roll memorabilia. After all, that is what most people come for. Everyone from Madonna to Hendricks to Clapton, and London favorites as The Beatles, Billy Idol, and Sting have something here. The staff are always hip and trendy, and quite a few sport tats, which is why I also love this place. Imagine the looks you get in stuffy restaurants if you walk in sporting 11 tattoos like I do!

After you have made your tummy and taste buds happy, head next door to the gift shop. Purchase a Hard Rock T-shirt so the whole world knows what a world traveler you are. I have had many conversations about my London trip started by, "Have you been to the Hard Rock in London?" You can also get a London Hard Rock pin to add to your collection. You can also purchase shot glasses and a Barbie decked out in rock-and-roll gear, leather jackets, and more. And now they have a version of the vault, where you can see some of the major pieces from their rock-and-roll collection.

You can go to www.hardock.com for more information. You can also make reservations here up to 1 month in advance.

Hard Rock Cafe
150 Old Park Lane
London, England, W1K 1QZ


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