Blind Dog Sushi

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by SFPhotocraft on January 26, 2005

When we arrived in Park City, it was nearly noon. We checked into our hotel and wanted to go to town and get lunch. I had heard raves about Blind Dog and read IgoUgo reviews with high marks. We all agreed we wanted to try it.

When we asked for directions at the front desk, the clerk's eyes lit up and she could only say, "YUM". We knew we were in for a treat.

We found Blind Dog and headed up to the door only to find it locked. You should have seen the disappointment on our faces. Then we noticed the sign on the door, "Serving Lunch and Dinner, Monday to Saturday from 11:00am until closing". Okay, it was Thursday at 12:30pm, why was the door locked? Why was the parking lot full of cars? Then we noticed Blind Dog Sushi next door. We did not want sushi, but at least we could ask. That door was open. We told the hostess we did not want sushi, but isn't Blind Dog open for lunch? It was - lunch is served from the sushi restaurant. Okay, a bit confusing and not very well explained. But you can get lunch and many of the wonderful Blind Dog dishes here at Blind Dog Sushi, or you can get sushi. Okay - understood - we were in the loop!

Our waitress was a doll: helpful, friendly, fun, and you could tell loved her job and loved everything about Blind Dog. She turned me onto a Purple Haze, hot sake and Chambord. Okay, it was a little sweet, but I enjoyed it. Who knew I would discover a new cocktail in Utah!

The sushi area is less formal but still has the Blind Dog feel and atmosphere to it. The lunch menu is pared down a bit from dinner but offers all the favorites, like Penny's Dreamloaf, The Kobe Beef Burger, The Fondue, and The Crab Cakes. We were so overwhelmed, we had to order a few items and share. We had the cheese fondue and it was delicious. The Kobe Beef Burger for $18 was worth every penny. I have never tasted a better burger. The chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese was also a table favorite. We even got a few pieces of sushi, which was fresh and wonderful.

We all were full and happy. We were so thrilled with our lunch, we made dinner reservations here for Patrick's birthday (see separate review for the main dining room).

The sushi area is open for lunch and at dinner. You can always get sushi in this room in addition to the menu, but you cannot order sushi in the main dining room from this area. It may be a bit confusing, but once you get the rules down, you are in foodie nirvana.

Blind Dog is a must-do for Park City. I can honestly tell you that it's one of my picks for the top-ten American restaurants.

Blind Dog Grill
1781 Sidewinder Drive
Park City, Utah, 84060
(435) 655-0800

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