Member Rating 4 out of 5 by quirine on October 18, 2005

In a drunken stupor, you too will be mesmerized by the big yellow sign that claims Febo is "de lekkerste", or "the tastiest". A vending machine wall is filled with various deep-fried delights that cost only 1.50 euros.

If you prefer something fresher, go to the counter and order from a human. They'll not only make it to order, but they'll throw your tasty kroket into a white bun. Fries here also come with a variety of sauces, including Fritesaus (mayo), curry ketchup, peanut sauce (Indonesian-style), and many others you may want to try out. I am a big fan of the Fritesaus, which is the original topping.

Whatever you do, don't order ketchup--you're eating fries in a foreign country, so at least put something funky and strange on top to make the "dish" more... foreign!

I will admit that there are fancier krokets (a deep-fried, meat-and-gravy piece of heaven) in better restaurants. Look for brands like kwekkeboom or van Dobbel for the best-tasting krokets. They usually come with with a slice of white bread or in a roll with mustard, or with fries on the side. Whether at Febo or any traditional Dutch restaurant, you can't leave the county without having eaten one. Just please don't make it the McKroket!

Damrak 6
Amsterdam, Netherlands
(020) 638-5138


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