Reading Terminal Market

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Laalasa on August 2, 2005

Below are some more establishments in the Reading Terminal Market. I haven’t yet touched on the sandwich and Italian places – there really is variety here. A tip: since the market is closed on Sundays, everything goes on sale starting at 4:30pm on Saturday evening – I have found 25 long stemmed roses for $5.99 and 10 oranges for a buck!

Famous 4th Street Cookie Company – Okay, these cookies are a meal in themselves. Soft and chewy, they are really large and are not greasy or overloaded with nuts – in short, just perfect.

Lancaster County Dairy – Located at the north end of the market, this Amish-run store sells juices like no other. Fresh and with zero additives or preservatives, they are worth the slightly high price tags.

Metropolitan Bakery – The rare place where the emphasis is on really good bread. I’d rather just chew on their bread than any of the desserts they offer. That is not to say that bread is their only good item--by all means, feel free to try anything, as you will rarely go wrong. BUT get ready for the sticker shock–-they are pricey.

Le Bus Bakery – Also makes good bread, I am told. I tried a couple and found them to be a tad dry.

Fosters Gourmet Cookware – A fun place to browse and find gadgets you never even knew existed, like a ‘butter warmer.’

Beilers Bakery – Run by the Amish, this is the first store that seduces you at the NW entrance. Almost all their stuff is good – it better be, with all those wholesome eggs, full-fat milk, homemade butter, and sugar. Right now, I am addicted to their Hungarian roll and have had it for breakfast, lunch, and evening snack yesterday – sigh! Their breads, though, tend to be a little dry.

Esh Egg Farms – Right across from Beilers, another Amish place selling cheese. They have samples out the whole day that you can taste, and when the description says ‘really spicy’ or ‘very spicy,’ BEWARE! I am a level 9/10 in spiciness and felt steam come out my ears!!

12th Street Cantina – Let’s just say I've had better--waaayyy better--Mexican food. Then again, I lived in south Texas for a while.

Bassets Ice Cream – If you happen to be there on a Monday or Tuesday, when the Amish aren’t around, then this is an acceptable substitute.

Down-Home Diner – I’ve never been there because I have been told by my co-workers that it really, really is not worth it, even to just check it out.

Andro’s Fine Prepared Foods – Some of the best desserts I've ever had, and the selection changes every few months or so.

Iovine Brothers Produce – The cheapest and freshest produce around. They have a gazillion different kinds of fresh mushrooms, squashes, and peppers, apart from the grocery store staples.

Reading Terminal Market
12th And Arch Streets
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
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