The Giggling Marlin Bar and Seafood Grill

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by aussidog on March 1, 2005

They have very good food and lots of it. There was a rooster hanging out, a pet maybe... I hope.

We also went back later so I could be hung upside down like a marlin. This was fun. For $10 you hang upside down and they poor three shots down your throat... yup, while you are upside down. Great fun! For another $12 you can get an 8 by 10 picture in a folder. This is a good chance to get your whole group in a picture.

When you are done eating, there are people that will blow a whistle, put a sombrero on your head, and pour two shots down your throat, all against your "no, gracias" might - and then they charge you $4 per person. It would be okay if you wanted it.

The Giggling Marlin
Blvd Marina y Matamoros
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 114 3 1182

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