Member Rating 5 out of 5 by v3804 on December 21, 2004

We decided to spend the last evening of our tip at the main square eating native food. It was like a cross between NYC at rush hour, a San Francisco street scene, and a bizarre church food festival - but wonderful!

We stopped at one booth for Moroccan soup- a lamb stock soup with lentils, beans, and who knows what else. It was thick and in need of salt but delicious. My friend didn't like hers, so the seller put her full bowl aside and just gave it to the next guy who sat down. It was served with sticky and sweet dough rings with sesame seeds.

We then went to a booth with main courses. I had calamari - very tasty but cold - and my friends had mixed fish plates. They had four different kinds of fish, including eel. It was very good and served with flat bread, of which a beggar came and collected the ends of when the meal was done. There was lots of variety, and there were salads available. Meanwhile, the whole square was full of all kinds of activity, dancers, and herbal medicine sellers (complete with plastic anatomical models so you can point out what hurts). It was a fantastic experience that is not to be missed!

Main Square Dining
Djajmma El Fna
Marrakesh, Morocco

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