LaSalsa Cantina - Take Two

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Sierra on March 2, 2005

In our previous visit to La Salsa Cantina, we had been disappointed by a lackluster dining experience. On this year's Vegas trip, we gave La Salsa Cantina ("Try our margarita yards!") another shot, and I'm happy to report that it was a far better experience this time around. There are several Cantina locations in Vegas (Forum Shops, Fremont Street Experience, Desert Passage, Luxor Hotel), easily identifiable by the large pink signature "Margarita by the Yard," on the sign, but we again went to the Showcase Mall (3785 Las Vegas Boulevard South - home of the M&M store) location for a Tuesday evening dinner. La Salsa Cantina is an affiliate of the La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill chain.

The hostess was much nicer this time around, we were seated promptly, and we had an absolutely wonderful waitress. We also met the manager, Marco, who told us about La Salsa's specialty: the Cantina has more than 50 varities of tequilla. And we're not just talking Jose Cuervo, we are talking good tequillas - I'm not fond of them myself, but during the course of our dinner, my companions tried some out and gave praises.

The food was good. Our waitress recommended the new Queso Publano dip, which is melted cheese with Poblano peppers, tomato, onions, spices, and jalepenos. It was sooooo good. For my entree, I went for a favorite: chicken and shrimp fajitas. Fajitas are a relatively straightforward staple of Mexican restaurants, but my usual problem with fajitas--running out of tortilla wraps or toppings--was not an issue here. (This is always a plus, in my eyes). Service was prompt, drinks were kept full, and service was MUCH improved over the last visit. It should be noted too that La Salsa believes in fresh ingredients and no preservatives, so it makes for a flavorful dining experience.

Our waitress also told us about their weekend evening festitivities and invited us to return for them. She explained that they had live entertainment on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and that it was always a lot of fun. (Unfortunately our schedules did not allow us to return this visit, but we'll try to catch it when we're back in June).

One of the best recommendations our waitress gave us, and which left us with with a perfect end to the meal, was their new fried cheesecake dessert. This sinful creation is a slice of cheesecake, rolled in a tortilla and deep fried, then coated in a sugar and cinnamon mix, and served with a berry topping. Absolutely tasty, and so deliciously decadent you won't want to share!

So, I am pleased to report that a year after our previous visit, our next visit to the La Salsa Cantina was a much different--and far better!--experience than the first, and that I would now return here again. Muchas gracias en una super experiencia!

LaSalsa Cantina - Take Two
3785 Las Vegas Boulevard South
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