Imperial Buffet

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by mangocheese on January 22, 2005

First off, I hope I got the right name--it's either Imperial or the Emperor's Buffet. This hotel has two! Argh. I just know it was the more common one.

So I was most reluctant to come here for LUNCH because I was STILL feeling full from a breakfast buffet the morning before (hey, I'm a beast at buffets), but nonetheless, Dad dragged us all here and so what the heck--it's cheap!

And despite how I wasn't really hungry, I still ate tons because I just hate passing up on anything! Here are some of the foods that I liked more than others. Enjoy!

Deli sandwich (good appetizer--don't eat it all, though!)

Chicken noodle soup (chunky)

Beef enchilada (I just love Mexican)

Veggie lasagna (warm and cheesy and gooey... mmm, mmm)

Salmon (I think I had 4 fillets--enough said)

Seafood salad (shrimp bits are really tasty)

Chocolate fruitcake

Cheesecake (You can't go wrong here)

Bread pudding (My first time! Amazing! Get a piece when they just put a fresh batch out)

Stuffed shell (yeah, I had a lot of cheese)

Rice pudding

Ice cream with the works (mint chocolate chip is kind of bland, though, so go for soft-serve!)

Ooh, and I thought it was neat how they had flan (which everyone carved up fast), so I tried it for the FIRST time, but it tasted like nothing to me. =(

I must say, though, that it's weird, because out of all the buffets we tried, I like the buffet section layout of this the most, but I like the eating area the least. It's a little gloomy there, but just spend all your time in the lighted food lines! Hehe!

Imperial Buffet
Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

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