Member Rating 4 out of 5 by VagabondWestport on December 1, 2004

We had dinner in the Peninsula hotel’s Felix restaurant (reservations required in advance). The food was very good and was enough for us, though food portions might be small for some people. George had the sample menu, and I had just an appetizer and prawns for main entree. I loved the prawns -- they were much bigger than our shrimps and smaller than our lobsters. The restaurant is very chic. We had a table by the window and watched illuminated lights in the buildings in the harbor.

However, the design is so chic that it borders on the level of absurdity. It is designed by Philip Starck. When you take the elevator, it gets you in kind of a spaceship capsule. You see the hostess right away, so you cannot get lost. There are very modern decorations, including a bar table with a staircase next to it. We asked what the stairs were for -- to walk on the table? No, were told, it is a design element. I wished they would open the shades so the view would be clear, but they said that this was part of décor, and they only pulled them up for fireworks, which were on Fridays.

However, the main attraction turned out to be...the bathrooms! I've read about them before, and first thing, I decided to check out the ladies’ bathroom. The staff pointed the direction to the bathrooms. At the end of corridor, near the elevators, there were two doors. In the dim light, I did not see small plaques "f" and "m". I pushed the door (no handles) and went into male bathroom. Thank god they have attendants there pointing you in the right direction, and they instructed me to go back and use another door. Back out and press another door. Another bathroom, no attendant. Contemporary to an absurd level! Another lady comes in giggling that she went to wrong bathroom, so we start looking together for a bathroom stall! The doors to individual stalls do not look like doors, but like a wall. We found a closet and finally the stalls. By the time I got out, the attendant walked in and directed. Very modern washing area which also does not look like a washing area!!! I went back and reported to George which door he should go into and sent him to check out male bathrooms. He came back also shocked and said the view from the bathroom, where men relieve themselves, is a much better open space than from the restaurant because there are no shades. You get the feeling…use your imagination or go to Hong Kong to visit Felix restaurant.

You probably want to hear about the food – the food was excellent, very well-prepared, and the service was also excellent. Pacific Rim cuisine, prepared by a Hawaiian chef. I think it is a must dining spot for anybody in Hong Kong.

The Peninsula, Salisbury Road
Hong Kong
+852 2315 3188


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