Bubba's BBQ

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Wasatch on November 8, 2004

Bubba’s is the busiest restaurant in Jackson Hole Territory. Everybody eats at Bubba’s except Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver. Arnold and Maria came to Bubba’s. The hostess told them what everyone hears between 5:30pm and ???- "Sign in. The wait is about 45 minutes." Arnold-Maria said, "We don’t wait for tables". Said Bubba’s, "Then you don’t eat at Bubba’s". Here’s what they missed.

Bubba’s decor redefines rustic, either up or down, depending on your point of view. Charm is not Bubba’s strength. Wall are bare wood. Floors are bare wood. Tables, both picnic and otherwise, are bare wood. Booths, more bare wood. Still, in a perverse way, it works.

What brings the crowds to Bubba’s is superb wood smoked meat and the lowest prices in this pricy resort. Since your meal was put in the smoke ovens to cook 12 hours ago, food service is just a little slower than a fast food joint, so the long list of names ahead of yours clears out remarkably fast.

For diner, you have smoked beef, smoked pork, smoked chicken, smoked sausage, and smoked ham. We’ve had them all, and would, and have, ordered all of them again. I figure we’ve spent 10-12 weeks in Jackson over the years, and taken more than half our evening meals at Bubba’s.

Servings are large and include two sides and excellent Texas toast. We’re partial to Curly Fries, Cowboy Beans and slaw among the sides. Menu explorers can order the combo plate, choice of two or three meats and two sides. Folks with smaller appetites should consider a sandwich of sliced pork or beef and to make a real meal of it, add salad bar. This is just as filling and just as good as a full diner, but it costs less.

Curly Fries are the high point of the side dishes, but not always available. If not listed on the menu, we had occasional success in asking for them.

The salad bar is limited to the basic American salad bar stuff along with a surprising selection of cheeses.

One of Bubba’s brilliant touches, and something all BBQ joints should copy, is to not put any BBQ sauce on the meat. Instead, three different bottles of Bubba’s excellent home made BBQ sauce are on the table– mild, medium, and HOT. This way, you can match both the hotness and quantity of sauce used to your personal tastes. But before you drown everything in sauce, try a bite of meat without, for the smoke flavor is best revealed in naked meat. Then experiment to find the best combo of sauce and meat. This is the way BBQ should always be served.

Service is down home friendly, fast, and efficient. The pot bellied stove just inside the dining room provides welcome warmth during ski season. On arrival, don’t stand there in the mob in the lobby. Make your way to the hostess station and get your name on the waiting list.
Bubba's Bar-B-Que Restaurant
515 S Us Hwy 89
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 83001
(307) 733-2288


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