100% Natural

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by GoodGirlsFinishLast on November 6, 2004

Super-heathly Mexican eats. No red meat on the menu, but they did have items with chicken, fish, and pork. Mostly vegetarian. I had grilled cactus salad -- delicious.

Open for breakfast (separate menu), lunch, and dinner. Shakes are a must-have on the menu. There's also a variety of blended fruit juices, vegetable juices, and milk. Soy milk rightly recommended vs. cows milk. Shakes are 25-28 pesos ($2-3). Healthiest pancakes I've ever had -- they tasted like bran muffins and were fantastic. Breakfast is approximately 60-80 pesos ($6-8) per person. Lunch and dinner is approximately 80-130 pesos ($8-13).

Located right across the street from Fiesta Americana. Approximately 15 minutes' walking distance north of the party strip with Coco Bongos, towards Plaza Caracol.

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100% Natural
Avenida Yaxchilán S/n Centro Plaza Terramar En La Zona Hotelera
Cancún, Mexico, 77500
+52 998 884 3617


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