Rainforest Cafe

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by C.Kowalczik on September 26, 2004

Although we stayed in an all inclusive resort, we wanted to see what the rest of the strip had to offer.

On previous vacations we have visited RAINFOREST CAFE's and wanted to add the Cancun restaurant to our list of visited locations.

We stopped in after a morning of shopping and caught some lunch. The atmosphere was incredable as are all RAINFOREST CAFE's with robotic animals surrounding the dining area and a thunderstorm brewing overhead.

We spent on average $30 USD for a couple Corronas and an enjoyable lunch. It was a nice addition to our list of chain locations.

Rainforest Cafe
Km 95 Blvd. Kukulkan Lotes, 10y local B-11
Cancun, Mexico


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