Member Rating 4 out of 5 by PDT on July 8, 2004

Great restaurant - complete revelation.

The restaurant is above a bar of the same name. We arrived at just before 8.30 pm when the restaurant opens (it is Spain) and decided to have a drink in the bar to let the restaurant open up. We sat in the bar for half an hour or so, my wife and friend having some undrinkable wine, and did not see a soul go upstairs. As the bar was populated entirely by old Basque men, we began having second thoughts about eating there.

When we eventually went upstairs, it was a revelation. For a start, it was busy with locals as other people had used the other stairs, and it also looked quite nice, unlike the "spit and sawdust" downstairs.

To start, the four of us had a plate of cured ham, smoked fish and two specials, which included crabs and prawns.

For main it was two steaks, a clam stew and peppers stuffed with crabmeat.

Desert was the most amazing cheese and flan (creme caramel).

To drink it was a good cheap Rose (E5.50).

Great restaurant which I would definitely re-visit.

Jardines, 2
Bilbao, Spain, 48005
+34 94 4156148

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