LaSalsa Cantina Mexican Fare

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Sierra on July 1, 2004

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It had been a long day doing Vegas and we wanted dinner. Surprisingly, many places even past 9pm had a sizeable wait list on a Sunday night, so we thought we'd try La Salsa Cantina Mexican Fare, which is across the street from the NYNY Casino and next door to the MGM Grand in a kind of mini-mall set of shops. The decor was interesting in that a stream of single shoes had been nailed into the wall and ceiling above an odd explosion of a piece of art that brought to mind the Peter Gabriel video "Big Time". Otherwise, the restaurant is typical "faux Mexicana": wood booths, chairs all painted different colors, white plastered walls, etc.

We were seated immediately by a very unenthusiastic hostess and had to wait a while before our waiter showed up. (The busboy, however, was very prompt about bringing us water, chips and salsa). There was a pretty good selection of foods on the menu and the prices were fairly reasonable, especially for Vegas. We had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a pair of burritos and a mixed appetizer plate - pretty bad for a place where there were only about a dozen customers. We also had to ask three times before we got our specialty drinks from the bar.

I waitressed for several years, so when a waitress acts like she's doing you a favor by coming over to the table, it gets my goat. Luckily for our waitress that night, we were in a relatively good mood coming into the restaurant, and we were good company together, so we brushed off her behavior.

The food was standard Mexican; nothing remarkable, but fairly sizeable portions for the money, which was the restaurant's one saving grace.

I would not readily recommend LaSalsa to anybody looking for a great dining experience, unless your concern is bang for your buck. Even then, I would probably recommend looking around for a cheap buffet or even going to the neighboring McDonald's!

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